Best Dorm Bedding Sets for 2022: Duvet or Comforter?

Living in a dorm, away from family, can be scary at first, but the right things make the experience worth it. Comfort is one of the essential factors to feeling at home, so it is necessary to choose the bedding that works best for you. After a long day of working hard to maintain your GPA, nothing feels better
than curling up on your bed and watching Netflix. But what will help you relax
more, a comforter or duvet?

You know that we can’t dive into the topic before understanding precisely these pieces, so it will help to know the central point between a duvet and a comforter.

A duvet comprises two sections, a cover and insert, where a comforter is only one complete piece.

So, which is better for a dorm? Well, that depends on many factors, and keeping those in mind, we are here to help you decide.


One of the issues with duvets is that it does not stay put, meaning it is constantly twisting and turning because of the two separate pieces. So, no matter how hard you try to pin it, you will rarely find it in the same place. Conversely, a comforter doesn’t shift or twist like a duvet cover. With this one-package offer, you’ll get all you need in one go.

So, if you choose a duvet, you will have to spend some time readjusting it, while the comforter doesn’t require the same. However, if you are one of those students who relieve stress by cleaning and upkeep, the duvet could be your choice. If not, you can consider a comforter.


A comforter may be a great choice if arranging colours and decor is not your strong suit. With a comforter set, you receive all the pieces in matching colors for instant coordination. If you prefer a quick and easy way to attain that cohesive bedroom look, you should choose a comforter. You could choose a duvet cover if you are prone to changing your mind about what they want. Changing your duvet cover is easy and cost-effective way to do so. Plus, there are significantly more design options for duvet covers
than for comforter sets.


Washing down comforters can be a hassle. While some comforters can be washed typically, some must be dry cleaned. On the other hand, duvets may be washed in the washing machine with ease. Also, once you remove the duvet insert, a duvet cover can simply be tossed in the wash. So, your choice may
depend on how much time you have to care for your sheets.

Top sheet

Comforters may require a top sheet. It’s best to use a full sheet with a dry-clean-only comforter since you can wash that regularly. Even if you make your bed every day, taking a few extra minutes to straighten up the top sheet might be helpful. However, a duvet cover can substitute the traditional top sheet. Since it is removable and washable, making the bed can be much easier. The choice will also depend on your morning routine and how much time you have to make the bed.

Regardless of which works best for you, you will have various options to choose from. Here are some duvets and comforter sets that can make for a cosy, alluring dorm room where even studying is enjoyable!

Afton Blue 3-Piece Quilt Set

Adding a touch of vibrancy to your bedroom, the Afton Quilt Set is constructed with stunning mosaic quilting with an engineered medallion print in various shades of Blue and White. Paired with matching shams with a diamond pattern reverse, this truly timeless collection has the updated beauty your bedroom decor needs. Add the Afton Window Treatments, Euros, And Pillows to Complete This Upscaled Eclectic Look.

Bebejan Delphine 5-Piece Comforter Set

Soft and inviting, the lovely floral pattern of the Delphine 5 Piece comforter set will lull you to sleep. But if you are interested in changing the look of your room, just turn it to the reverse side for a faux denim texture. The navy ground with tones of white and olive are classic for traditional, transitional, or contemporary bedrooms. The 5 Piece set includes a 100% cotton sateen 230 Thread count reversible comforter, 2 reversible shams with embroidered and printed decorative pillows.

Hira Duvet Cover Set

Soft, silky, and exquisitely lustrous, our Hira Duvet Cover Set features a contemporary accent diamond embroidery. Crafted from extra-long, hand- picked Egyptian Cotton fibers, the Hira collection effortlessly transforms a room into a stylish space. Pure 100% certified Egyptian cotton.

Yalda Duvet Cover Set

The elegant pearl finish of the Yalda Duvet Cover Set brings the serenity of heaven to any bedroom. Crafted with extra-long, hand-picked fibers that were delicately spun into strong, smooth yarn to weave the most luxuriously soft double-hem stitched duvet covers. Yalda’s soft, silky, and smooth feel promises sweet dreams. Pure 100% certified Egyptian cotton.

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