D Cup Breasts – Perfect D Cup Size Example, Comparisons & Best D Cup Bras

D Cup Breasts – Perfect D Cup Size Example, Comparisons & Best D Cup Bras

When people talk of bigger breasts, a D cup is one of the most popular sizes. Just hearing the words “D cup” can give a connotation of sultry curviness.

It’s a size up from the coveted C cup and is a far cry from smaller sizes like A and B cups. Some might consider a D the first “large” cup size, making it relatively more common than F or G cups.

But how can you even tell if you have a D bra cup? What measurements should you look out for in your new bra and how do you record them accurately? How much bigger is it than a C or double D? What is the best way to look for a D cup bra that fits you well? Check out all the answers in this article.

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In this guide, we’ll delve into how to figure out whether you’re a D cup. We also have samples lined up for how a D cup will look like, as well as celebrities with size D breasts you may want to get style inspo from.

What is the D cup size?

D Cup Breasts – Perfect D Cup Size Example, Comparisons & Best D Cup Bras

To understand what a D cup size looks like, you first need a grasp of how bra sizes are taken to begin with.

Each bra size is made up of two characters. There’s a two-digit number that dictates the width of your band, and a letter that corresponds to your cup size.

Measuring around your ribcage, just below your boobs, will give you your measurement for your band. This is also sometimes called the “underbust” measurement. It usually falls between 28 and 44 inches, but can go above and beyond that range depending on your body type.

Then, you have your bust size, which is how the measurement around your boobs. Before measuring your bust size, make sure you’re wearing your best-fitting bra so you can get an accurate reading.

But that’s not where it ends. You have to do a little bit of math to get your cup size. Subtract your band size from your bust size.

Each inch in the difference between the two will give you a corresponding letter, which is your cup size. Here’s a quick guide to see what letter is assigned to how big the difference is:

⦁ 1 inch: A cup
⦁ 2 inches: B cup
⦁ 3 inches: C cup
⦁ 4 inches: D cup

So if a woman has a 34 band length and measures 38 inches around her breasts, her bra size would be 34D.

A D cup is not to be confused with other larger cup sizes, like a DD and DDD. A double D measures 5 inches between band and bust, making it one size up from a D. Meanwhile, a triple D measures 6 inches from the chest, so it’s two sizes bigger.

But if you’re shopping from European lingerie stores, this shouldn’t be an issue. They don’t usually carry sizes in DD and DDD, calling them E and F cups instead.

Luckily, even if a D cup is larger than the average chest size, it still falls under the commercial range of bra sizes. Take a look at this chart for a more detailed look at how a D cup would fall in commercial sizing.

D Cup Breasts – Perfect D Cup Size Example, Comparisons & Best D Cup Bras

Not all D cup breasts will look exactly the same. In fact, all of them will look different if they have varying band sizes. Only “sister sizes” will look the same. The sister sizes of a 36D include a 34DD and a 38C. Check out how similar they look in this comparison below.

D Cup Breasts – Perfect D Cup Size Example, Comparisons & Best D Cup Bras

Is D cup considered big?

Yes, a D cup is considered a larger breast size. However, it’s not as overwhelming and hard to dress up as its bigger counterparts, like E, F, and G cups. D cups are still quite flattering but give you those feminine curves many women only dream about.

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But if a woman has a big-boned body or is overweight, a D cup can look like it’s on the average end. Flaunting D cup son a bigger body will make it look more proportional. Meanwhile, being petite with D cups can make them look very large.

For example, one woman standing at 5’4 and weighing 175 lbs who wears a D cup might not look like they have big boobs. But if you take someone with a smaller, more athletic frame, the large size of a D cup can be more obvious against their body.

How does a D bra size look like?

Every boob size is different. Even if you and your friend both have D cups, your breasts are bound to look different depending on your band size. And it’s not just that—even the exact same cup sizes will have a different proportion against your height and weight, too.

There will always be discrepancies about how D cups look on different people. But as long as your D cup bra provides support and fits correctly, your boobs shouldn’t look overwhelmingly large. Some people might even mistake them for a smaller cup size if you’re tall and wide enough.

D Cup Breasts – Perfect D Cup Size Example, Comparisons & Best D Cup Bras

34D Cup

D Cup Breasts – Perfect D Cup Size Example, Comparisons & Best D Cup Bras

36D Cup

D Cup Breasts – Perfect D Cup Size Example, Comparisons & Best D Cup Bras

38D Cup

Take a look at these three models. They all flaunt D cups, but have differing band sizes. While all of them have boobs that stick out four inches from their chest, they don’t look the same.

This model wearing a white bra has a 34D cup size. Because her body is lean and slender, her boobs look large, giving her a naturally curvy look.

Compare her to the two following models who have a bigger band size at 36D and 38D. Because their bodies are wider, their D cups look more proportional to their height and weight. This gives the impression that their boobs are of average size.

So you see, it’s not all about your D cup. Your body type also dictates how much of a curve your boobs give your silhouette.

How is a D bra supposed to fit?

Like with all bra sizes, a D cup bra should always feel comfortable and snug around your chest.

It should be able to provide enough support so that you can move around freely without having to adjust your straps or the position of your cups.

Make sure your D cup bra’s band sits parallel to the ground. It shouldn’t move up throughout the day, tugging at your skin. If you feel your bra doing this, you might want to go for a bra that’s one band size wider.

This is quite difficult to find with large-size bras, since bigger cups need way more support than smaller sizes. This is why you should also make sure to choose a bra style with adjustable straps that are thick enough to provide support. But if you measured your D cup size accurately according to a brand’s sizing chart, you should be able to find the correct size with a bra that’s perfect for your breasts and body type.

How big are D cup size boobs?

D cup sizes differ in fullness and volume depending on the band size. However, all D cups stick out four inches from your chest area. Remember, that doesn’t mean all D cups will look exactly the same. The wider your body, the smaller your D cups will appear to the naked eye.

What’s interesting is that your D cup can look more similar to someone else with a C cup than another D cup model. Think of it this way. If you’re a 34D, you can’t just wear a 36D bra. It will require much more fullness than your boobs can fill out.

Instead, you have to look for your sister size—a size that’s one band size up and a letter cup size down. So as someone with 34D boobs, you’ll have better luck with a 36C bra than a 36D one.

A sister size can also go the other way around—one band down and a bust size up. So you can also wear a 32DD comfortably on your 34D breasts.

What bra size comes after D?

The next size up from a commercial D cup is the one with a 5-inch difference between band and bust. In the United States, this size is almost always referred to as a DD cup. But in Europe, where they go for a more conventional standard of naming, they simply call it an E cup.

In the same way, a DDD cup in the US is called an F cup in Europe. Different names for the same bra size.

So don’t be confused! A DD cup and an E cup might be exactly the same, just from different lingerie shops from varying regions of the world.

D cup vs C cup

D Cup Breasts – Perfect D Cup Size Example, Comparisons & Best D Cup Bras

Obviously, a D cup is bigger than a C in most cases. The main difference between a D and C cup is that the D cup juts out one inch further from the chest than a C cup. So if they have the same band size (say, sizes 32C and 32D), the D cup will always look larger and fuller.

Compare these two models, for example. This woman in a red bra boasts a full and curvy 36D. Meanwhile, the one in the violet T-shirt bra is a 34C. You can notice immediately that the D cup model has bigger breasts than the other model.

D cup celebrities to be your fashion inspo

Wondering how you can wear cute clothes even with larger D cup breasts? Look no further than these three style icons to inspire your wardrobe choices as a busty gal.

D Cup Breasts – Perfect D Cup Size Example, Comparisons & Best D Cup Bras
image source: instagram.com
D Cup Breasts – Perfect D Cup Size Example, Comparisons & Best D Cup Bras
image source: instagram.com
D Cup Breasts – Perfect D Cup Size Example, Comparisons & Best D Cup Bras
image source: instagram.com

Katy Perry, Megan Fox, and Lindsay Lohan are all known for their sex appeal, and their D cup boobs contribute to that a lot. Show off your D cups by following their sultry yet classy and flattering sense of style.


What does it mean if you’re a D cup?

The letter in a bra size corresponds to the difference of the band and bust sizes. Each inch in the difference is represented by a letter. A D cup indicates that you have a 4-inch difference between your underbust and boob measurement.

Here are a couple of measurements that show that you are an accurate D cup:

⦁ 38 inch bust – 34 inch band = 34D
⦁ 36 inch bust – 32 inch band = 32D
⦁ 44 inch bust – 40 inch band = 40D

Is a DD bra size big?

A DD cup is larger than a D cup, which is already considered a big bra size in itself. So yes, a DD (also known as an E cup in Europe) is a relatively big cup size.

But with a quick change in band length, a DD cup bra can be a great alternative for your D cup breasts. Just go one band size lower to find your sister DD cup size. So if you have a 36D, you can use a 34DD bra. And if you flaunt a 42D, you can rock a 40DD bra.

How many inches is a D bust?

A D cup bust is equivalent to your underbust length plus four inches. Here are a couple of quick examples:

⦁ 32D: 36-inch bust
⦁ 36D: 40-inch bust
⦁ 42D: 46-inch bust

What is a D cup size in centimeters?

Check out this quick rundown of common D cup sizes in centimeters.

⦁ 32D: 88-90 cm
⦁ 34D: 93-96 cm
⦁ 36D: 99-101 cm
⦁ 38D: 103-106 cm

Final Words

Bigger boobs can be difficult to carry well or find clothes and bras for. If you have exceptionally large breasts, it’s not easy to find your size in the average lingerie store.

But among the bigger bra sizes, a D cup is one of the most ideal. It’s bigger than average and very curvy, but it’s not as big as E or F cups that can be more challenging to manage. You get the sultry look without having that much trouble finding a bra that will fit your cup size well.

Let this guide serve as your blueprint not just for measuring your cup size, but for styling yourself, too.

We hope this article also helps you understand how different D cups can look on different bodies. The important thing is that you know how a D cup looks on you so you know how to find bras and clothes best for your unique shape and curves.

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