Is G Cup Size Big? See G Cup Breasts Examples

Is G Cup Size Big? See G Cup Breasts Examples

Any woman with bigger breasts knows the struggle of finding the perfect, most accurate cup size. There’s too much misinformation out there about sizing charts, especially for larger busts. It can all get quite confusing.

Today, we’ll continue on our journey learning about the different bra sizes. In this article, we’ll be zeroing in on one of the biggest ones out there—the G cup.

This guide will answer all your burning questions about this rare but real cup size.

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We’ll tackle topics from how big a G cup really is and how it fares compared to other bigger bust sizes. Want to know the exact measurements for a G cup and how it differs from an E or F cup? Read on to find out.

How big is a G cup size?

The G cup is known as a pretty large cup size for breasts. Some people consider it one of the biggest bra sizes. It’s even bigger than an E or F cup, which is already quite large.

Because of this, it can be a bit difficult to look for bras and tops that will fit right. But remember that big chests are beautiful, you need to find a way to be comfortable in your own skin and in the clothes you wear. The key is to measure yourself accurately so that you can find the best, most flattering bras.

Is G Cup Size Big? See G Cup Breasts Examples

The size of the actual G cup still depends heavily on your band size. So, you need to have a very precise measurement of both your band and bust lengths to get your bra size.

First, wear one of your best-fitting bras. Stand up straight and tall, and then wrap tape measure around your body. It should snake around your ribcage area, which is right below your boobs. Check your measurement in inches. This is called your band size.

You’ll likely get a result from about 30-42 inches, but can obviously go beyond that range because every body is unique. That number constitutes the first half of your bra size.

Next, you must measure your bust size. This time, instead of on the ribcage, your tape measure should sit right on your breasts. Take your measurement around your body. But hold on, this isn’t your bust size yet. For that, you’ll have to do a little bit of basic mathematics.

Take your band size and subtract it from your bust size. The number of inches they have as a difference determines what cup size you have. A one-inch difference means an A cup, two inches means a B, and so on and so forth. A G cup means that the difference of your band and bust size is eight inches.

Your cup size is all about how far your boobs stick out of your chest area. That means every body will look different even if they’re all flaunting G cups.

So you can have a small body and short band size with a big bust that juts out, giving you a G cup. This still makes your body look quite narrow and petite.

Meanwhile, someone with a larger band size might look wider, even if they have a G cup too. You can have two extremely different bodies while having the same G cup size.

Still confused? Check out other examples of G cup breasts below.

G cup breasts examples

Can’t picture how the difference between band and bust can be eight inches long? Here are several examples of measurements that mean you have a G cup breast size:

⦁ 40 inches in bust – 32 inches in band = 32G
⦁ 44 inches in bust – 36 inches in band = 36G
⦁ 52 inches in bust – 44 inches in band = 44G

But like we said, just because you have the same cup size as others, it doesn’t mean your bodies will look the same. It all depends on how your relatively larger breast size looks against your band size. Of course, body type and shape play a role in it too.

Let’s see the difference between various bodies and band sizes, all with a G cup.

Is G Cup Size Big? See G Cup Breasts Examples
image source:

36 G Cup

Is G Cup Size Big? See G Cup Breasts Examples
image source:

32 G Cup

Is G Cup Size Big? See G Cup Breasts Examples
image source:

34 G Cup

First, take a peek at this model wearing a black basic 36 G bra. Even if her cup size itself is considered big, it doesn’t look too distracting. That’s because her band size is quite wide to begin with.

Compare that to these next two models. The lady in the black, high support bra boasts a 32G. Meanwhile, the one in an off-white push-up bra is a 34G. Because their band sizes are smaller, you can tell that their boobs are actually pretty big.

Sure, a 36-inch band size might not be that far off from a 32-inch one. But the difference of how a G cup looks on these bodies is still quite noticeable if you take a good look.

G vs E (DD) cup size

There is one size in between a G and E (or DD) cup. That is the F cup, which is also known to others as the triple D or DDD. So while a G cup means there’s an 8-inch difference in band and bust, an E cup only has a difference of six inches. To learn more about E cups, check out our review of it on this page.

Is G Cup Size Big? See G Cup Breasts Examples

Of course, all of this depends on any particular lingerie store’s unique sizing standard. Some charts will say an E cup is six inches, while others insist that it’s only five inches.

Even if you know you’re a G cup, always double-check a brand’s sizing chart. This will give you the most accurate measurement while shopping in their store.

Check out these two ladies. The one in the nude triangle bra has an E cup. On the other hand, the lady in the red Balconette bra is a size G cup. It’s obvious that the woman in the red bra has bigger breasts.

Celebrities with a size G cup

It can be kind of challenging looking for fashion inspo when you have large G cup breasts. Many models and actresses have smaller boobs, so you can’t exactly look at their fashion styles and techniques.

We’ve rounded up a few G cup celebs you can look towards for style inspo. Look at their outfits and pages for ideas on how to make your clothes look flattering on your body shape and cup size.

Is G Cup Size Big? See G Cup Breasts Examples
image sourse:

Kate Upton is at the top of our list. Magazines always say she’s an E cup. But any expert in measuring bra sizes might consider that she is a bit larger than that—perhaps a G cup.

We can also say the same for Kelly Brook, the second celebrity on this list.

Is G Cup Size Big? See G Cup Breasts Examples
image source:

Lastly, we have Christina Hendricks—another possible style icon for girls with G cups.

Is G Cup Size Big? See G Cup Breasts Examples


How much does a G cup weigh?

One G cup breast has a weight of around 2,000-2,100 grams. Fun fact: that’s the same weight as 14 chicks!

What’s the difference between a DDD and G cup?

A DDD cup is also called an F cup, which sits just one size above a G cup. That means they differ by just one inch. A 7-inch difference between bust and band is a DDD or F cup. Meanwhile, an eight-inch difference puts you at a G cup range.

That said, if you have a G cup, there can be times that you can still wear a DDD cup. That’s because, depending on the band size, a G cup and DDD cup can be sister sizes.

A sister size is a bra size that is comparable to your true size because it offers the same cup volume. To get your DDD sister size, simply rack up your band size by one.

So if you usually wear a 38G, you can also fit a 40DDD. The cup size will still be the same, so your boobs can fill out the bra comfortably. The main difference is the band will be a bit roomier.

Take note of this for your next shopping trip, just in case your true size isn’t available in a bra design you really want.

What does “G cup” mean?

A G cup is one of the largest bra sizes you can find in common and specialty lingerie stores. If you have a G cup, it means that there is an eight-inch difference between your band length and bust size. Suppose you have a 32-inch chest and a 40-inch bust. That means you are a 32G in bra size.

After a G cup goes the H, I, J, and K sizes. Those cup sizes are considered the largest in the lingerie industry.

Final Words

If there’s one thing you should take away from this G cup guide, it’s that a G cup looks different on everyone. The size and volume of your G cup breasts will differ depending on the band size.

Hopefully, this article has helped you find the right bra size, whether you’re a G cup or something a little under or above it. Just remember to follow the tips above when measuring your band and bust, and you’ll get a precise reading of your bra size.

Don’t forget to check out the other articles we have on the best bras per size. We have a collection of guides for other large yet popular cup sizes, like for E cups and D cups.

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