When you partner with Cake Style for a sponsored campaign, you are ensuring that your products get a high-quality, detail-oriented, and honest review.

The value in having a Cake Style review of your product means that when your ideal customer goes looking – they find it and get the information they need, in order to become your customer.

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Cake Style is an authority in the product reviews space. In fact, we have a DA (domain authority) of 51! This means that search engines trust that what we publish is high-quality, vetted and trustworthy – and they rank our content quickly.

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The MOZ domain authority (DA) score for CakeStyle.com

Many of our review articles land on the first page of Google within a few days. But long-term sustainable growth is always our goal.

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Brands that are featured in a sponsored article at Cake Style reap the benefits of long-term traffic. Your article gets more traffic as time goes on, as it climbs the rankings in Google.

So although the investment is only a one-time purchase for your company, the ROI is compounding and long-term.

Case Study: Eco Brand A

For example, take a look at the analytics for this one sponsored article that we ran for a brand “Eco Brand A” in September 2021:

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As you can see, in addition to the exposure the brand received in the first month, the brand continues to receive traffic and customers referred via their Cake Style sponsored article, months after.

This one article generated over 9,000 unique page views for the brand and continues to grow.

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As well, because we seek to partner with quality brands for a long-term relationship, we always partner with you in your affiliate program so that we can continue to promote your products across all of our channels, for years to come.

Eco-Brand A receives new customers every month from us. This is thanks to our readers feeling confident to make a purchase, after reading what the Cake Style editors think about their products.

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Results and benefits for brands from partnering with Cake Style – we continue to promote your brand as an affiliate/ambassador

Forming an affiliate partnership with us means the mutually-beneficial rewards will prosper, beyond our initial sponsored campaign. We go the extra mile and often include a mention of our partners in other articles, for no extra charge, too.

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