Ten Reasons You Need to Take Vitamins in the Autumn

Ten Reasons You Need to Take Vitamins in the Autumn

We all dread cold and flu season, and now with Covid, we dread the autumn and winter months even more. Considering how our world has vastly changed, not only are we at risk of adding another disease to our winter “accessories,” but we are also seeking new and improved ways to support our immune system. Vitamins are an essential part of life, but they are also crucial for good health! Let’s explore some crucial vitamins like liquid Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and others!

Here are ten good reasons why you should add a daily vitamin regimen to your routine through the fall and beyond:

Ten Reasons You Need to Take Vitamins in the Autumn

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  • With the change in the seasonal solstice, the days are shorter, and so is your Vitamin D production. With the lack of sun, our bodies don’t produce the same amount of Vitamin D as in August. It is essential to take a daily Vitamin D supplement.
  • Fruits and vegetables don’t grow in snow and cold. Sure, we can still get them, but they don’t have that fresh-picked potency that they do in the summer months. This is another reason why daily vitamin supplements are so important!
  • Immune systems go through ebbs and flow in their efficiency due to our vitamin intake. If you’re lacking any specific vitamin, it directly impacts your immuno-response. Studies have shown that vitamin supplements help combat these variations.
  • Daily immune support is essential for good health. We often eat on the run and don’t make the best food choices with our busy lifestyles. Adding daily vitamins to our bodies will assist us in replacing the foods we should be eating with other sources of nutrition.
  • People are less active in the fall and winter months. With this being said, we aren’t getting as much exercise or fresh air. Adding vitamins to your daily routine will assist you in keeping up your optimal health.
  • The shorter days that are inevitable with fall and winter are a recipe for health issues and mental health issues. Seasonal depression increases, and so do other mental health problems. With the incorporation of vitamins into our routine, we assist our brains in being happier!
  • Sleep is often disturbed due to the lack of exercise and other factors. Taking vitamins daily will help you sleep better because your body is well-balanced!
  • The lack of fresh air is another factor in daily immune support. With not opening windows and airing your house out, germs tend to stick around longer than they do in the summer months. Taking vitamin supplements will help your body fight viruses and bacteria that have worn out their welcome in your home!
  • The absorption rate with vitamins can slow due to the lack of activity in the colder months. Liquid vitamins are more readily absorbed by your body and give more immediate effects.
  • White blood cells are what help your body fight diseases. The usage of Vitamin A is extremely important in helping your body fight all of those intruders while also helping you feel better.

Fighting the Good Fight During the Fall and Winter Months…

Ten Reasons You Need to Take Vitamins in the Autumn

Having said all of this, it is easy to see why we need to give our bodies daily immune support, and one of the easiest ways to do this is through liquid Vitamin A consumption. Not only is it essential for immune health, but it is also fast-absorbing and the perfect vehicle for supporting your white blood cells. Vitamin A drops have long been proven to give your body much-needed support while also easy to consume. A liquid Vitamin A supplement will be sure to assist your body in producing germ fighters while also helping in balanced nutrition!

Vitamin A is for Vegans too!

Another great benefit of Vitamin A is that it comes in many forms. Although it can commonly be found in eggs, cheese, milk, and beef, It’s also readily present in squash, turnips, and pumpkins. That means that you don’t have to give up your vegan lifestyle to consume Vitamin A! Vitamin A is the perfect immune-boosting supplement for those that are following a strict vegan lifestyle and who are looking not to break that with their supplement routine!

In essence, there are many ways that you can achieve daily immune support during the fall and winter months, and one of the best ways is to provide immediate relief through Vitamin A drops. With a lot of bang for the buck, liquid Vitamin A is the ideal supplement to ensure that you get through the dreaded fall and winter with not much more than a case of sniffles!

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