Joints & Knees Kit from Perfect Svasthya Review: Does It Work?

Joints & Knees Kit from Perfect Svasthya Review: Does It Work?

If you’ve ever experienced joint or knee pain, you know how painful and exhausting it can be. With knee and joint pain can also come with mobility issues, which can be incredibly hard on a person and affect their well-being over time. 

So what do you do when exhaustion takes over? You start looking for other options to start feeling better again.

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Today we are looking at a brand that brings you wellness products that promote knee and joint health and provide many other health benefits.

The brand we will explore is ancient Ayurveda science. The power of natural plants is becoming increasingly popular today, just like it had been in ancient times. 

The robust science implemented in creating the product makes a difference when it comes to wellness and health.

So – let’s look at the Joints & Knees Kit from Perfect Svasthya. 

About Perfect Svasthya

Joints & Knees Kit from Perfect Svasthya Review: Does It Work?

In the Ancient Indian language, Svasthya means health. This brand has experience of over 40 years of when it comes to formulating, manufacturing, and marketing joints pain relief nutritional supplements.

The brand has facilities in Hong Kong, India, and the USA. 

All the knee pain reduction supplements are formulated with plant extracts, and what’s important here is that its plants that Ayurveda has studied for over five thousand years. Perfect Svasthya brings wellness products based on this ancient Ayurveda science and brings cutting-edge nutritional research as

Perfect Syasthya specializes in joints flexibility supplement with a deep understanding that chronic inflammation is the starting point of all diseases. The science here is heavily focused on an anti-inflammatory. Many of the ingredients have been studied in scientific clinical trials successfully. 
A healthy mind and body are vital to achieving our most authentic and higher self. That’s why this brand focuses on natural healing for your wellness journey.

Perfect Svasthya has been mentioned on FOX, NBC, CBS, etc. 

What is it like to order from Perfect Svasthya?

Joints & Knees Kit from Perfect Svasthya Review: Does It Work?

Joints play a massive role in health and wellness and therefore deserve to be made a priority. What better way to treat yourself than by checking out Perfect Svasthya’s inflammation and pain relief supplements?

It’s worth noting that the Joints & Knees Kit is made from natural ingredients to help avoid adverse side effects and fight chronic inflammation. 

Perfect Svasthya stays on top of research by searching the PubMed database often for recent research studies that have been conducted in regards to various nutrients and botanicals that are made to improve human health.

With reassurance from the research done on these products, the products go through extensive process stages from concept to delivery. 

Joints & Knees Kit is manufactured in the company’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and International Standards Organization (ISO) compliant facility under supervision, care, and strict hygiene conditions.

The brand has a standard to follow with the FDA-registered manufacturing facility comparable to the pharmaceutical industry. 

Joints & Knees Kit meets the highest standards when it comes to safety as well as quality. With every order, you also get a free e-book called “Better Living Now.”

The website is well designed and very easy to navigate. You can also contact the company directly if you have any questions or concerns about any product you are interested in.  

Joints & Knees JumpStart Kit Pros and Cons

Here is what we found when comparing the pros and cons. The pros heavily outweigh the cons but should be taken into consideration.

Joints & Knees Kit Pros

  • All-natural and scientifically validated ingredients
  • Free e-book with purchase
  • The supplements are made in their own Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  • Follows FDA-registered standards
  • Clinically studied ingredients
  • Free shipping
  • Reasonable price for the first order
  • 10% off Joint and Knees Kit for CakeStyle readers, with coupon code: cakestyle10

Joints & Knees Kit Cons

  • Hard to find reviews on the independent sources
  • Currently focused only on one product

Joints & Knees Kit from Perfect Svasthya Review

Joints & Knees Kit from Perfect Svasthya Review: Does It Work?

This kit is designed to promote healthy joints, with the results of obtaining immediate joint pain relief and aid in rebuilding cartilage for healthy joints for long-lasting mobility. 

It is all-natural ingredient that have been researched and scientifically validated. 

It also comes with free shipping, and who doesn’t like that?

The kit includes two products:

JointsNees + FlexiOmega

The kit includes ingredients specifically designed to provide immediate pain relief and long-term repair for damaged cartilage. So if you’re experiencing pain or inflammation, whether that’s from arthritis, injury, or an inactive lifestyle – this kit can be an aid to help heal and relieve the pain. 
You deserve to return to being mobile. 

If you want to see customer reviews, check out this link here. There are plenty of five and four-star reviews for this product.

Customers have said this about the product:
 “Joints & Knees Jumpstart Kit:
I purchased this kit because I have aching joints and knees. I have been taking them for sixteen days now, and they seem to help. The only complaint I have about them is that they are hard to swallow because they are big pills. Yes, I would recommend them to a friend; they seem to help some.”

As well,

“Works Great
I have been using this for about a month, and it appears to work great. If you have joint pain, I recommend trying it to help you move better. It has been very beneficial for me; I am thankful to have it. Recommend.”

The first order of the 45 day supply of Joints & Knees JumpStart Kit only costs $29.99.

Joints & Knees Kit Ingredients

As mentioned, they use natural ingredients with ancient knowledge.
One of these ingredients is the Green Lipped Mussels Extract, a freeze-dried powder extracted from New Zealand, a natural source of therapeutic nutrients.

There are also:

  • Boswellia serrata extract
  • Beta Boswellian acid
  • Acetyl beta-Boswellian acid
  • Acetyl-11-keti-beta-Boswellian acid (AKBA)
  • 11-keto-beto-boswellonic acid
  • Bromelain extract
  • Fish oil with omega-3 fatty acids

Take two capsules from the JointsNees bottle and two capsules from the FlexiOmega bottle (4 capsules) every day as a dietary supplement. 

The customers get pain relief in two weeks or less, and re-build cartilages in three months or more.

Joints & Knees JumpStart Kit Reviews

One of the reviews we’ve found apart from the website:

Joints & Knees Kit from Perfect Svasthya Review: Does It Work?

You can also find reviews on this Walmart link. 

There is plenty of five-star and four-star reviews to go through. 

The rest you can read while scrolling through their website.

Joints & Knees JumpStart Kit VS Relief Factor VS Osteo Bi-Flex

To compare Joint & Knees JumpStart Kit to other brands with similar products, check it below. While they have similarities, the Joints & Knees JumpStart Kit has features unlike other products on the market.


Joints & Knees JumpStart Kit

Relief Factor

Osteo Bi-Flex



Joints & Knees Kit from Perfect Svasthya Review: Does It Work?
Joints & Knees Kit from Perfect Svasthya Review: Does It Work?
Joints & Knees Kit from Perfect Svasthya Review: Does It Work?

Main Ingredients

  • Green Lipped Mussels Extract

  • Boswellia Serrata Extract

  • Bromelain Extract

  • Fish Oil

  • Icariin

  • Resveratrol

  • Turmeric

  • Omega-3

  • Glucosamine

  • Vitamin C

  • Manganese

  • Joint Shield™ 5-Loxin® Advanced





Free Shipping



Depends on the retailer

How To Take?

Take 2 capsules from JointsNees bottle and 2 capsules from FlexiOmega bottle (total 4 capsules) everyday as dietary supplement.

2-3 packets a day

2 coated tablets per day


45 Day supply for 1 month - $29.99,

Next order is for $59.99

$19.95 - for 3 weeks supply, next order is for $79.95 per month

80 coated tablets from $10.53

Number of capsules/pills

2 bottles, with 90 capsules each

First order is 49 packets
Next ones with 60 packets

From 40 to 160 tablets

There are five different Omega 3 essential fatty acids in the Joints & Knees Kit. Together they possess potent anti-inflammatory properties.

Joints & Knees Kit inhibits both enzymes that cause inflammation, COX-2, and 5-Lipoxygenase.
Joints & Knees Kit addresses the Pain in joints from two angles, inflammation, and repair of the damaged tissues.

Inflammation and Pain are addressed by the omega 3’s, Bromelain extract, and Boswellia extract.

GAGs and bio-active collage in Joints & Knees Kit are in embryonic form, hence easily digestible.

They help repair the damaged tissues.

Joints & Knees Kit has all the nine essential amino acids, marine vitamins, and minerals. All of these impart several health benefits.

Osteo Bi-Flex contains Glucosamine and Chondroitin sulfate.

Osteo Bi-Flex does not have anti-inflammatory ingredients, and it does not give relief from Pain fast. It addresses repairing the damaged cartilages, which is a time-consuming process.

Moreover, unlike Joints & Knees Kit’s embryonic GAGs and Bio-collagen, the glucosamine and chondroitin extracted from shellfish shells are difficult to digest.

Relief Factor does possess good anti-inflammatory ingredients by EPA and DHA. But they inhibit only COX-2 pathways.

They do not appear to inhibit the 5-Lipoxyhgemase pathway. Hence Relief Factor’s anti-inflammatory property is limited.

Also, Relief Factor has no ingredients to address the rebuilding of damaged tissues.

Because of the dual approach: reducing inflammation and rebuilding the damaged tissues, Joints & Knees Kit scores over Relief Factor and Osteo Bi-Flex.

Is Joints & Knees Jumpstart Kit Worth it?

This brand is all-natural, affordable, clinically studied, and offers free shipping.

If you want to put your health first and you’re experiencing inflammation and pain, we believe this kit is worth a shot. 

Remember, you get 10% off Joints & Knees Kit if you apply the coupon code at checkout: cakestyle10.

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