Whether it’s Italy, Spain, France, or England, packing for a summer vacation to Europe is no easy task. The last thing you want to do is overpack, or worse, stick out like a sore thumb because you didn’t get the memo that cowboy boots and sports jerseys are only okay to wear in America. Lucky for you, we’ve got some great advice to make packing a breeze! Read our five best tips below, and check out the collage above to see what would be in our suitcase if we were jetting off to Europe this summer!

Consider the culture and weather – Before you leave, make sure to do a little research on what people in the country you are visiting typically wear. Even though it’s sometimes impossible not to look like a tourist, you should at least make an effort to blend in. As with any trip, check the weather beforehand and pack accordingly. It’s always a good idea to have layers for different climates, an umbrella, and shoes and a coat that can brave a rainy day, just in case!

Pack basic, versatile pieces – The items we chose in the collage above can literally be combined into over fifteen different outfits! Versatility is key to save space in your suitcase, and you should pick items that can be worn multiple times and mixed and matched. Great basic pieces to have with you are jeans, a light jacket, a blazer, and a shift dress. By mixing up your tops and accessories, you can create so many different outfit options!

Pick a color scheme – It’s easier to mix and match the pieces you pack when you pick a color scheme and stick to it! Neutrals are your friend here, and don’t be afraid to mix your navies, olives, browns, tans, and creams. Add pops of color or patterns with your tops and accessories.

Limit shoes and accessories – For a 10-day trip, you only need three pairs of shoes (including the pair you wear on the plane). That’s it, I promise. My essential shoes for a Euro-trip are comfortable walking sandals, metallic flats, and ankle boots. The same goes for accessories – you don’t need more than two bags, a small cross-body bag and something larger, like a tote or backpack. Keep your everyday jewelry simple, and bring just a couple statement pieces to mix in.

DON’T overpack! – If you haven’t gathered this by the minimalist approach of the first four tips, DO NOT OVERPACK. You may not think it’s a big deal, but you will be carrying your suitcase a lot more in Europe than you’re used to when you travel in the states. You could be taking trains to different cities or public transportation from the airport, and not all hotels will have elevators. For a 10-day trip, if you pack smart, you’ll be able to fit everything in one carry-on-sized suitcase.

Happy Travels!

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