C Cup Breasts – Perfect C Cup Boobs Example, Comparisons & Best C Cup Bras

C Cup Breasts - Perfect C Cup Boobs Example, Comparisons & Best C Cup Bras

If you are a woman who wears a C cup bra, this article will be very informative for you. C cups can look completely different on different bodies. I know, it’s confusing! And it only gets more complex when other questions pop up in our heads.

What bust size is a C cup? Are C cup boobs big or small? How do I know if my boobs are a C cup size? What are the best bras for this cup size? Fortunately, I answer these and many more questions to help you understand the complex world of bra sizes better.

This complete C cup guide will give you a fully detailed explanation of how bra sizes work and how to find the perfect one for you.

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What do C cup breasts look like?

To illustrate how different C cups may look on different bodies, let’s take a look at the examples below:

If both women are wearing the same bra cup, why do they look so different? That’s because their ribcage measurements are very different from one another.

However, if you look closely at the side-angle shots, you can see that the inch difference between ribcage and breasts we were talking about earlier is quite similar.

This means that, even though their band size contrast, both have the 3 inch difference that characterize C cups.

What Bust Size is a C Cup?

As you may know, bra sizes are composed of a letter and a number. The measurement of your ribcage will determine the number, and the size of your breasts the letter.

So what is exactly a size C? Most brands include a size range from AA to the letter F: starting from the smallest and going all the way to the largest. This means that a C cup can be considered average because it’s almost at the middle. However, specialized lingerie brands can include extra-large sizes that range to the L letter.

To have an idea of where the C cup falls in the commercial bra size range, take a look at the chart below.

C Cup Breasts - Perfect C Cup Boobs Example, Comparisons & Best C Cup Bras

The difference in inches between the ribcage and the bust measurement is what determines the letter. Keep in mind that your breasts should be measured using the fullest part:

  • 0.5 inch difference: AA cup
  • 1 inch difference: A cup
  • 2 inch difference: B cup
  • 3 inch difference: C cup
  • 4 inch difference: D cup
  • 5 inch difference: DD cup
  • 6 inch difference: DDD cup or E cup
  • 6 inch difference: G cup

How do you know if you have C cup breasts?

Most women will wear the wrong bra size their whole lives simply because they didn’t take the time to measure their girls properly. Ironically, finding out your true bra size is a no-brainer.

If you’re unsure whether you’re a C cup or not, try using the following method:

  • Pull the tape measure around the ribcage, right bellow your breasts. This number will give you the band size. If it’s an odd number always round up.
  • Tip: Make sure you’re not squeezing the tape.
  • Measure loosely around the fuller area of your breast, which is usually where the nipples are.
  • Subtract the band measurement from your breast measurement to find out your cup size. If this number (aka ribcage-to-bust difference) is 3 inches, then you’re a C cup!

You want to make sure that your size is up to date before buying anything. Remember that gaining or losing weight will definitely impact not only your ribcage measurement, but also your breasts. Ideally, repeat this process every now and then to double check that you’re wearing the right bra.

This is a really simple method that will help you find out your true size. You can always ask a friend to help you out!

Is a C Cup a large breast size?

As you can see in the bra size chart from above, a C cup is actually not a large size, as some people usually think. It’s not even in the middle of the size range.

In other words, a C cup is simply perfect!

The reason why a C cup size is often considered for “large boobs” is because this is the most popular size among women who have breast implants. This is also the average breast size for women in both the US and Europe.

Contrary to what most people believe, bigger breasts are not necessarily “better”. In fact, studies suggest that most men are attracted to breasts that maintain a C average.

Keep in mind that for women with slim bodies, having a C cup may look quite notorious, but if you have a fuller body a C cup will not be as eye-catching. Remember that the cup letter only tells you how much your breasts stick out from your underbust, so you can’t really affirm that a C cup is for “large breasts” only, as it depends on the body as well.

C cup examples: what is the difference between 32C, 36C and 38C boobs?

The reason why we can’t affirm that a C cup is meant for girls with “big girls” is because the letter only tells how much your girls stick out from the ribcage. In other words, a C cup will look larger on girls with a petite figure or slim underbust.

This woman, for example has a 32C bra size. Her ribcage-to-bust measurement is 3 inches and her band size is 32.

C Cup Breasts - Perfect C Cup Boobs Example, Comparisons & Best C Cup Bras
image source: www.outdoorsatyours.co.uk

A 36C cup, on the other hand, will look slightly fuller because the ribcage’s measurement is two sizes larger than a 32C. That’s why this other woman’s bust may appear a bit larger than the previous one. Also, since the 36C cup model has a wider ribcage, her bra is holding more breast tissue.

C Cup Breasts - Perfect C Cup Boobs Example, Comparisons & Best C Cup Bras
image source: thirdlove.com

A 38C cup size means that the breast tissue weighs more compared to 36C and 32C. That’s because her ribcage is much larger and has more “space” for each girl, even though her ribcage-to-breast difference is still 3 inches.

C Cup Breasts - Perfect C Cup Boobs Example, Comparisons & Best C Cup Bras
image source: www.kdhcuf.top

Is a C cup bigger than a B cup?

Since cup sizes represent the volume of your bust, they’re completely relative to your underbust. Saying that a C cup is bigger than a B cup may not always be true.

To put it simply, having a wider ribcage (aka band size) can allow your body to hold more breast volume, so a 34B cup actually holds the same volume as a 32C because it has a wider band.

However, as mentioned previously, if you judge boobs depending on how much they stick out from the ribcage, then a C cup is definitely “bigger” than a B cup because it has 1 extra inch.

Is a C cup smaller than a D cup?

As you may know by now, a C cup would have one inch less to the underbust circumference. So in theory, it is one cup smaller than a D cup.

Again, remember that just because your girls look or feel bigger doesn’t mean you immediately have to jump one size up. It’s important to keep in mind that your band size also plays a key role in determining your real bra size.

How much does a C Cup breast weight?

If you’re curious about how much your breasts weight or having a breast surgery or implant, you can actually calculate it by following any of these methods:

  • Using a kitchen scale: You’ll need a tray, a large bowl that’s big enough to submerge one breast, and a kitchen scale.
  • Weigh the empty tray on ounces and write it down
  • Fill the bowl with water to the brim and place it over the tray
  • Submerge one of your breasts (no bra!) in the bowl of water but try not to push down too hard. The water inside will spill out over the tray
  • Carefully lift your breast out of the bowl and remove the bowl from the tray as well.
  • Put the tray with the displaced water on the kitchen scale and weigh it
  • Subtract the first value with this second one to find out the weight of the water you spilled. The result will be the weight of one of your girls, so you may need to repeat the process with the other one since breast sizes may vary one from another
  • Use your band and cup size to estimate the weight: make sure that you’re using the right bra size to ensure an accurate estimation.
  • Follow this chart to know an estimate of your breasts’ weight:
C Cup Breasts - Perfect C Cup Boobs Example, Comparisons & Best C Cup Bras

Keep in mind that this is just an estimated value. If you need to know the exact weight of your breasts, please visit your doctor.

Breast augmentation: should you have a C cup breast augmentation?

If you’re thinking about breast augmentation surgery, going for a C cup simply because it’s the most popular size won’t be enough. You need to keep in mind that a C cup on the girl next door will not necessarily look the same on you, and that’s because we all have different bodies, heights and weighs.

And if you’re asking yourself “are c cups a good size?”, another thing to keep in mind is that, although you’re free to choose whichever size you wish, the larger the implant the heavier it will be. So if you’re an AA and want to have a D cup, the weight difference might feel too uncomfortable because you’re not used to it. It can also affect your posture or cause back and shoulder pain.

We would suggest to go for no more than a two size cup difference. A C cup would be ideal for women who have a natural A or B cup.

The Best Bras for C Size Breasts

If you measured your breasts and realized you’re a C cup, chances are you’re probably either not wearing the right bra style or the right size, just like most women. Whether you’re looking for push up bras or a padded bra, I’ve compiled the best bra styles for C size cups to simplify your search:

Best Lace Bra – Deyllo Women’s Push Up Lace Bra

Best Lace Bra for C Cup
Deyllo Women’s Push Up Lace Bra

  • It is a sexy lace bra that gives a nice push-up effect. It will be perfect on a C cup
  • According to reviews - Fit is true to size.
  • Make sure you are wearing a loose outfit. Otherwise, everyone will notice your new bra.
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03/23/2023 09:33 am GMT

2.Best Seamless Comfort Bra – Maidenform Women’s Pure Comfort

Best Seamless Comfort Bra for C Cup
Maidenform Women's Pure Comfort

  • It has invisible edges, so it feels like a second skin.
  • Has removable cups to make the fit even more comfortable.
  • Straps are not convertible.
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Best Sports Bra – SHAPERMINT Compression Wirefree High Support Bra

Best Sports Bra for C cup
SHAPERMINT Compression Wirefree High Support Bra

  • No unsightly bra lines with seamless design to avoid bulges.
  • Comfortable for any occasion: Workout, support to stay at home or like a regular bra.
  • If in between sizes, please take the larger size.
  • Padding is not removable.
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What does a full C cup mean?

The letter will always determine the cup size and, therefore, the size of the breast. A C cup means that the difference between the breast’s circumference and the underbust’s circumference is 3 inches.

In other words, the breasts stick out by 3 inches from the ribcage. Therefore, your bra size will always be relative to your band size.

How many inches is C cup?

Since the cup size depends on your ribcage’s size, there’s no definite answer for that. Here’s how the C cups sizes vary from one band size to another.

  • 32C: 33 ¾ – 35 ¼ inches
  • 34C: 36 ½ – 37 ¼ inches
  • 36C: 38 ½ – 39 ¼ inches
  • 38C: 40 ½ – 41 ¼ inches
  • 40C: 42 ½ – 43 ¼ inches

Which cup size is best?

The cup size should be as proportionate as possible to your whole body, so there’s really no “perfect” size. Whatever size you have and are happy and comfortable with is the best size!

C Cup Celebs

Here are some c cup celebrities to give you an idea of how this size can look:

Emily Ratajkowski is 32C

C Cup Breasts - Perfect C Cup Boobs Example, Comparisons & Best C Cup Bras
source: @emrata

Beyonce is 34C

C Cup Breasts - Perfect C Cup Boobs Example, Comparisons & Best C Cup Bras

Salma Hayek is 36C

C Cup Breasts - Perfect C Cup Boobs Example, Comparisons & Best C Cup Bras

Scarlett Johansson is 34C

Jennifer Lopez is 32C

C Cup Breasts - Perfect C Cup Boobs Example, Comparisons & Best C Cup Bras

Final words

C cups are a nice size for almost all women, as they look great with a variety of bra types, from bralettes to the ever-popular push-up bra. Even though how “big” your girls look will also depend on your body, a C cup size works practically well with most bodies because it’s not too big nor too small. Also, most women and men also agree that this is one of the most attractive sizes.

Although there’s no perfect cup size, we can agree that C cups usually project a nicely proportionate breast size.

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