E Cup Breasts – Perfect E Cup Boobs Example, Comparisons & Best E Cup Bras

It’s not uncommon for women with smaller breasts to be a bit insecure about their cup size. What many people don’t realize is that women with large sizes, like an E cup, struggle just as much.

It can be challenging to style and look for bras for an E cup. It’s difficult to wear strapless dresses and tank tops with an ill-fitting bra. At worst, your can make your chest look unflattering. So you must get one that’s can hold your bigger breasts properly.

But how can you even be sure that you’re an E-cup? What makes it different from a D, DD, and triple D? What style icons and fashion moguls can you take inspiration from for your E cup outfits? Check out all the answers and more in this guide.

How big is an E cup size?


An E cup is considered quite large compared to the more common B Cup and C cup. It’s even bigger than a D cup, which is already seen by most as large and difficult to style.

The trick to looking fabulous with E cups without being too distracting is by finding the best-fitting bra. And the first step to do that is to take your cup size measurements.

There are two things you look for when measuring your bra size: your band and cup sizes.

  • Measure your band size first by wrapping the tape measure around your body by your ribcage, right under your breasts. This will likely give you a measurement between 30 and 40 inches. If you measure an odd number, round up to the nearest even number. This number will be your band size or your underbust.
  • Next up, we have the cup size. Wear a bra that fits you quite well before taking this measurement. Once you’re ready, wrap your tape measure around your body again, this time around your breasts. Make sure the tape sits on the fullest tip of your boobs. This is called the overbust.

Take the cup size measurement inches and subtract it from your band size. The difference will dictate what cup size you are depending on how far out your breasts curve from your chest.

Use this guide for bigger breasts to help you out:

D cup: 4-inch difference
⦁ DD cup: 5-inch difference
E cup: 6-inch difference
⦁ F cup: 7-inch difference

Many people only know of bigger sizes as DDD or even DDDD. The reality is that some of those sizes with three or four Ds are equal to an E cup—they’re just called differently.

This is because when bras were first invented, they mostly catered only to those with smaller breasts. So there was no naming convention for the bigger sizes. Now that most brands carry bras for ladies with bigger breasts, there’s no standardization of what the cup sizes are called.

Even if you know that you’re a pure E cup by measurement, always consider the sizing chart of the brand you’re buying from. They might call a 6-inch underbust-to-cup difference something else, like DDD.

E Cup Breasts Examples

If you measure six inches as the difference between your underbust and overbust, then you are an E cup. Here are just a couple of examples of that:

⦁ 35-inch bust – 30-inch band = 30E
⦁ 39-inch bust – 34-inch band = 34E
⦁ 42-inch bust – 37-inch band = 38E

Although all E cups have a 6-inch difference in their underbust and cup, they look different depending on the band size. Just take these two different models, for example.

They both have E cups, but their bodies don’t look the same. This is because they have different band sizes.

image source: www.thirdlove.com

34 E Cup Size

image source: www.thirdlove.com

38 E Cup Size

This woman in the plunging, black lace bra is a 34E. She looks extremely curvy because her bigger breasts are set against a slimmer body.

Meanwhile, the woman in the nude nursing bra is a 38E. Her body is a little wider than the previous model’s. This makes her breasts and body shape look a bit more proportional. Her bigger cup size isn’t as noticeable or distracting as the model rocking a 34E bra.

While both models look lovely and voluptuous, there’s no denying that E cups look different on varying band sizes.

DD vs E Cup


The difference between a DD and E cup is that the E cup is larger by one inch. Check out these models to see how different they generally look. The variation between the two isn’t always noticeable unless they have the same band size.

It’s also worth noting that the term “DD” comes from the American measurement system. Cup sizes in America go from A, B, C, D, DD, and DDD.

But the British scale is more purist, ranging from the A through F. Therefore, what is known as DD in America can translate to an E cup in European countries.

Celebrities with a Size E Cup

It can be hard to style yourself in an acute and flattering way when you have bigger breasts. You need clothes that give your bust the most support it can get. You might also feel self-conscious about more revealing cuts.

image source: instagram.com
image source: www.instagram.com
image source: instagram.com

But look at how DD or E cup celebs like Kim Kardashian, Cardi B, and Sofia Vergara carry themselves. They may have bigger chest areas than usual, but they rock it elegantly and stylishly. Take your fashion inspo from these three ladies, and you’ll be more confident with your larger breasts.


Is an E cup bigger than a DD?

Most brands consider an E cup larger than a DD. However, you must remember that “DDis more of an American term. European brands likely call it an E-cup.

Always check a brand’s sizing chart to make sure you’re getting the right bra size. Some companies incorporate a D-E-F sizing system, while others use a D-DD-E. This is especially common in the UK and Australia.

What is an E cup size in inches?

An E cup has a 6-inch difference between your underbust and your cup sizes. So if you have a 36 band size, your bust should measure 42 inches to qualify as an E cup.

What is an E cup size in centimeters?


An E cup should be around 25cm larger than your band size. So if your band is 75cm, an E cup would be at around 98-100cm. Check out this Princess Tam Tam chart for more examples.

How big is an E cup?

An E cup is bigger than a size DD. It’s considered relatively large in the undergarment and modeling industry. It’s big enough to show some cleavage in most outfits, but that’s not anything to be embarrassed about.

How much does an E cup weigh?

On average, an E-cup breast will weigh about 1kg. Fun fact: that’s equal to 10 blueberry muffins!

How can you get the correct E-cup bra size measurement?

To get your correct bra size, measure your band size underneath your ribcage. Then, take measurements on your bust area. Subtract your band size from your bust measurement. If the difference is six inches, then you are an E cup girl.

Final Words

How big your E cup breasts look will always depend on your band size and body shape. How much volume your bra’s cups can hold also differs. You have to learn what your true band and bust size are first before shopping for a bra.

We hope this guide can be your blueprint in finding the perfect E cup bra for you. Just remember our tips for measuring your cup size properly, and you’ll be golden. In no time, you can master the art of rocking a sultry and flattering E cup.

Don’t forget to check out our other bra guides for popular cup sizes, like B and C cups!

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