In recent years, the Boho Chic style has been extremely popular among young people. 

For creative people who want to break away from the usual framework, a boho wedding is an opportunity to show their originality, originality and creativity, as well as to avoid the banalities of a traditional wedding. 

Boho style is a style of freedom, it is also called bohemian, as it originated in the region of Bohemia, in Central Europe. 

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It came from the gypsies who lived in that area at that time. In this style, there are many things reminiscent of their ethnicity and culture: light fabrics of long dresses, flower decorations, frills, embroidery and a large number of ornaments on the neck and hands. 

Bohemian style has been influenced by other cultures and styles. Sometimes the boho style is confused with the hippie style, and they are similar in places. The difference is that that bohemian style implies great sophistication in details, sophistication in decor and decoration, bold combinations of color and texture. 

A boho chic wedding is ideal to spend in nature. It can be a country cottage, a hunting lodge, a farm, a mill or an abandoned castle. In summer, tables can be placed under a canopy, in the yard of a village house. It is easy to create an atmosphere of celebration, warmth and coziness by decorating the space where the wedding will take place. 

We offer five interesting ideas on how to decorate the room. 

1. Flowers. Decorate the table with a large number of fresh flowers. They can be placed in vases, hung in the form of garlands on the walls of the room or on chandeliers. Such garlands impress with their magnificence, as if you are entering the kingdom of the Garden of Eden. Luxurious roses and simple field daisies in a single bouquet – everything will be appropriate. 

There should be a lot of flowers. As they say – you can’t spoil porridge with butter! 

2. Fruits. The abundance of nature’s gifts perfectly suits the boho wedding style. Huge vases filled with appetizing fruits on the tables, fruits woven into a garland of flowers or branches. You can decorate the tables with funny toys cut out of vegetables and fruits. After all, a wedding in the bohemian style is home comfort and childish playfulness. 

3. Feather. Feathers of birds will add lightness to the interior. Feathers in vases, hanging feathers on chandeliers and in garlands look luxurious and very creative. The bride’s dress and hairstyle should also be decorated with feathers. 

4. Deer horns. Since ancient times, the deer has been considered a symbol of the Sun’s energy. He was also a symbol of ascent and spirituality. If you want your union to symbolize the beginning of a new life, be sure to decorate the wedding with deer antlers. 

The central figure of a deer will look very spectacular, in the form of a composition decorated with horns and flowers. You can also make stands for bouquets from horns. You can decorate the crown arch with horns. The bride’s wedding bouquet can also contain this element. 

5. Candles. Choosing the appropriate lighting is not an unimportant moment in the organization of the holiday. After all, weddings usually last until late at night (or even early morning). Solving this issue with the help of many candles on the tables and in candelabras on the walls will be completely in the boho spirit. On the street, you can use closed lamps, which, like little fireflies, will give the atmosphere of a fairy tale. 

A bohemian-style wedding is, first of all, a creative approach and a flight of imagination, which means that any new, original solution, bold thought is very welcome in this very fashionable and beautiful style. 

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