If you and your fiance appreciate status, elegance, and goodness, but you are alien to excessive whimsy – a wedding in the style of sophisticated luxury with elements of silver decor will be an excellent choice. Such a classic with a slight touch of glamor will be an excellent idea for a wedding day. 

The image of the bride and groom. For a silver wedding, you can choose outfits of all shades of silver, or with a partial participation of this color. Be sure, a stylish plain silver dress, which is decorated with rhinestones or crystals, and a classic white dress with a smoky satin belt or simply with a corset embroidered with silver thread will look great. Grooms who prefer a pure classic – a snow-white wedding dress, without the participation of any other color, should pay attention to silver accessories. Both high-quality silver jewelry and jewelry made of pure silver will look great. 

Do not forget about the shoes, which can also be silver. As for the groom’s wedding outfit, everything is much simpler here. He will look great in a strict suit of steel shade. A matching boutonniere and tie, as well as elegant embroidery with silver thread on the smallest details of a man’s suit, can make the matching of a black outfit with the color of the wedding perfect. Floristics A bouquet of pastel colors supports the tender image of the bride, and bright red or burgundy ones will become an excellent accent. You can also use a shining bouquet of various brooches and decorate the flowers with a silver satin ribbon. Decor Emphasize glass and silver accessories in the decor of the wedding hall. Flower compositions in glass or silver vases, floating candles with a soft shimmer are suitable. 

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Silver candlesticks on the tables and silver cutlery will look great. The silver color creates a wonderful combination with bright, contrasting colors – red, blue, green, burgundy. And also with a pastel range – with pink, blue, peach and white shades. Cake Silver glitter of metal will undoubtedly decorate the wedding cake. Sweet crystals and shimmering beads will make the cake a work of sweet and jewelry art. 

The peculiarity of a wedding of this style is an ideal option for the winter season. Then the holiday will become a real magical winter fairy tale. The style of seasoned nobility, which combines the moderation of silver and the luxury of glitter, will undoubtedly turn your wedding into a magical holiday of love.

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