Amy Barker, Google

Our Everyday Style Icons are women who expertly incorporate great style into their busy lives. This week, we’re featuring Amy Barker, who is an in-house corporate lawyer at Google.

Amy Barker

Hometown: Seattle, WA
Current residence: San Francisco, CA

Most treasured item in your closet: A heavy turquoise necklace. When I was maid of honor at a dear friend’s wedding a few years ago, her favorite aunt gave me the necklace as a gift. It was the perfect symbol because while it harks back to my own family’s roots in Arizona, it was also part of their Indian family tradition of giving jewelry. I think of her every time I wear it, which is probably weekly – it adds just a little heft to almost any outfit.

Dress by Diane von Furstenberg

Last book you read and loved: The last book that totally rocked my world was Gore Vidal’s Messiah. When Vidal passed away last year, I realized that although I know the name, I’d never read anything of his. The Messiah concept grabbed me when I was perusing his titles on Amazon, and when I finished it I just about started it all over again! The basic idea is that a group of folks come together to promote a new Messiah in the 20th century, using all the technology available (i.e. TV, modern-day PR) to create a religious movement that spreads faster than anything previously imaginable. Entertaining while an extremely perceptive commentary on the intersection of technology, capitalism and belief.

Describe your personal style in three words: Comfortable, classic, american.

What do you do? I’m an in-house corporate lawyer at Google.

How do you define great style? Timeless and subtle. Well, sometimes exactly the opposite – perhaps just perfectly appropriate (even when that means outrageous).

BDG jeans, TOMS shoes, Courage B bag, See sunglasses

How does your style aesthetic tie in with your work? Before joining Google, I was a private equity M&A lawyer working at a big law firm in London. I wore a lot of black and was constantly teetering in Louboutins. Although it was fun, it just doesn’t feel right in San Francisco – and certainly not in Mountain View – so I’ve happily traded in my heels for Toms.

Where do you find inspiration, both for your work and for your style? Mostly from those around me. I’ve been incredibly lucky for a long time now to work (and be friends) with incredibly driven and wicked smart folks, and I’ve found that more often than not people like that have a strong sense of self that shines through in their style.

What should every girl remember when putting together an outfit? The most important quality of an outfit is how it makes you feel. The better the outfit, the more comfortable in your own skin you can be.

Left: Gap clothes, necklace by Q+A; Center: North Face jacket, Grafters boots, Rag & Bone jeans; Right: Dress by Diane von Furstenberg

[photos by jeffrey kuo photography]

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