Blenders Eyewear vs. Goodr: Which Sunglass Brand is Better?

Blenders Eyewear vs. Goodr: Which Sunglass Brand is Better?

Good shades are not just a summer essential. I wear them all year round. As an athlete I need good sunglasses that are going to hold up to my active lifestyle. I’m always on the hunt for new sunglasses.

Recently I discovered two brands I had never heard of before: Blenders Eyewear and Goodr. The only thing I love more than new sunglasses is a great deal. Which of these companies offers the most bang for your buck? Which has better quality at the best price? 

Best Selling Goodr Sunglasses

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Blenders Eyewear vs. Goodr: Which Sunglass Brand is Better?


Best Selling Blenders Eyewear Sunglasses

Overall Differences Between Blenders Eyewear and Goodr Sunglasses

Both Blenders Eyewear and Goodr are companies that cater to young active people. Both have an established reputation in sports. Blenders Eyewear was founded by a professional surfer that sold his sunglasses out of his backpack. Goodr Sunglasses are known to be running sunglasses. That is where the similarities end though. I feel like these two companies are very different. Which do I prefer and which ones do I think are worth investing in? Let’s shine a bit of light on these shades.  

How Do Blenders Eyewear Differ from Goodr

Blenders Eyewear is a seriously cool company that caters to serious athletes. You see them on volleyball players, surfers and runners. Goodr seems to be less serious and more flashy. 

Both companies are going for the Southern California vibes. However Goodr offers sunglasses at much cheaper prices. Is it worth investing in a pair of Blenders or is it better to shop cheap and cheerful? Personally I’m not into spending a lot of money on sunglasses so the price difference has to be justified. I was a little skeptical about the price tag on Blenders Eyewear. At the same time, if the glasses are too cheap are they just going to fall apart after I wear them the first time?

Blenders Eyewear vs. Goodr: Which Sunglass Brand is Better?

Goodr has a much different marketing strategy than Blenders. Instead of going after the serious cool crowd, they kind of act like your old uncle trying desperately to be young. Their designs are flashy, but often down-right ugly in my opinion. 

Blenders is cool and trendy without trying too hard. Goodr is trying too hard. Also the selection on Goodr seems to be the same exact models with really ugly graphic design thrown on top. The results look a bit cheap and tacky. Many of their designs remind me of someone on vacation with a bad Hawaiian shirt and a thick layer of sun cream on their nose. I’m not saying that they don’t have a few cool designs, however a lot of them are over the top. 

Another thing that I noticed about Goodr was their logo. It looks a bit like the logo of Tumlbr or Google. Blenders Eyewear on the other hand has a really sleek and discreet logo.

When navigating the Goodr website I was overwhelmed. The names of their sunglasses are outrageous. The writing on their website was eccentric. Maybe some people think this is funny, but after a while I was just tired. On one part of their website they have written “we are recklessly committed to fun… blah, blah, blah sunglasses”. Ok, I’m not sure what that means but maybe it’s cool if you’re 8 years old. 

Blenders Eyewear vs. Goodr the Pros and Cons

My first impression of Goodr’s website was not positive. However, they are much cheaper than Blenders Eyewear. I wanted to look at both companies objectively to get a better idea of which one was better for me. After all, all companies have both pros and cons. 

Goodr Pros

Blenders Eyewear vs. Goodr: Which Sunglass Brand is Better?
  • Price. These sunglasses are dirt cheap. You’re not going to find sunglasses at a better price than these. They claim that their sunglasses feature polarized lenses so that would make them a really good deal

  • 1 Year Warranty. If you’re like me you’re really skeptical of cheap sunglasses. One minute you’re wearing your sunglasses and the next minute the screws are popping out and you’re spending the day squinting in the sun. Luckily Goodr offers a 1 year warranty. 

  • Physical retailers. You can use Goodr’s store locator on their website to find physical retailers that carry their products. This is a major plus if you’re someone that needs to feel the product and try it on before buying. Because the price of Goodr is so cheap, I would like to try them on physically to make sure that they are good quality. 

Goodr Cons

  • Ugly Designs. The biggest con for me is Goodr’s ugly designs. Sure, they do have some cool designs as well, however you have to spend time on their website filtering out the over-the-top designs. It seems like they are catering to 8 year old boys with some of their designs. 

Blenders Eyewear Pros

Blenders Eyewear vs. Goodr: Which Sunglass Brand is Better?

  • Cool designs. I really like Blenders cool designs. They have nice sleek designs in classic colors and they also have some flashier pieces with mirrored polarized lenses. Unlike Goodr their designs are never over the top. 

  • Affordable pricing. Although Blenders Eyewear is more expensive than Goodr, they are generally affordable. Compared to other sports sunglasses. They are not ridiculously priced. This brand might actually be the sweet spot between cheap manufacturing and expensive high quality design. 

  • Worn by Pro Athletes. I think Blender’s is a more serious company that relies less on wild marketing. It looks like they have a team of brand ambassadors that would really rock their sunglasses during a volleyball tournament. I have a hard time imagining this to be true with Goodr. Pro athletes don’t need to wear cheap designs. 

Blenders Eyewear Cons

  • Not many physical stores. Unfortunately it’s not possible to try on Blenders Eyewear in physical retailers like Goodr. Ordering from them online requires a leap of faith as you can never be 100 percent sure of the fit. Luckily they have online reviews. 

Which Brand is Better

I’m usually the first person to go with the cheaper option. I like to save money. However in this case I would recommend Blenders Eyewear. Not only are their designs cooler, they have a larger selection on their website. Goodr just looks too cheap and tacky for me. They don’t actually have a lot of models, they just have a lot of flashy colors and ugly graphics that they add to a few models. 

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