How to Choose Your Personal Uniform Style to Look Attractive

How to Choose Your Personal Uniform Style to Look Attractive

There is something about a man in a uniform that can make women get all googly-eyed and giggling. Something similar can be said about a man finding women in uniform to be hot and attractive. Uniforms can mean authority or an important job and can also be viewed as a sexy outfit given the right circumstances.

Let’s take a look at the role of uniforms when it comes to online dating. 

Play with Colors and Fabrics

When choosing the proper attire for a date night or even for a picture for your online dating profile, colors and fabrics are perhaps the most important and sometimes the most ignored elements. You want your clothes to speak on your behalf, and they should say what you want them to say.

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Black depicts sophistication and class; white says confidence, grey shows balance, blue emits positivity, red shouts boldness, etc. Therefore it is wise to pick the right colors. As far as fabrics go, flannel and cotton mean casual, silk and velvet mean you put some thought into getting dressed.

Unusual Solutions for Men in Uniform

The good thing is that whether you have a fetish for dating someone who wears a uniform or you admire and want men in uniform for a long-term relationship, online dating sites can always come to your rescue. Not only can you talk about how it feels to date a veteran, but you can also use filters to find the most suitable partner for the type of relationship you desire.

But, before using those filters, learn to create an excellent profile. For example, if a military man makes a profile and has his picture up in a uniform, he can attract certain people to his profile. A uniform can say a lot about a person, for example:

  • A person who puts up his picture with a hat on gives away a serious relationship, only vibe.
  • Perhaps the hat tucked under the arm suggests “serious about work, but willing to play and have fun.”
  • A casual picture in just the uniform with the top button undone and name tag visible can mean “looking for some fun, showing off my uniform.”

The devil is in the details, and sometimes even small unconscious acts such as loosening your tie can be a statement such as “I am done for the day and now looking for some casual fun.”

Women’s Fashion Uniforms

How to Choose Your Personal Uniform Style to Look Attractive

The same goes for women. If a woman creates a profile with her picture in uniform properly tucked and everything, she means business, and perhaps there is a picture of a woman in uniform with her hair down, and some lipstick means she is all ready to have some fun.

There is more to uniforms than official military uniforms. Sometimes people create a look for themselves that unknowingly becomes part of their wardrobe and starts looking like a uniform in a way. For example, the jeans and flannel dress shirt look with hair tied in a bun and sneakers. It is casual, it is comfortable, and it is easy to achieve. However, this look may say that a person is not too much into their looks and maybe doesn’t have the time to put together another outfit but is looking for a relationship.

Then there are those women who wear dresses with matching shoes and accessories, nail colors, and matching purses. These are the ones who take the time out for themselves and want to explore dating a little, getting pampered and wooed before committing to a relationship.

Combining Comfort and Presentability

Even men’s attire or uniform look can speak volumes where a pair of jeans and shirt means casual while dress pants and shirts mean someone looking for someone to get close with. 

There are exceptions to every rule, and there may be people who choose to dress a certain way, and that is usually based on being comfortable, but when it comes to dating attire can send across a message to the other person. Hence, it’s wise to make these choices carefully.

One can do things with their uniform to make it seem like they are communicating what they want, as presentability is everything. Perhaps, women can have tailor-made uniforms to depict a hot and sexy look, such as the ever-popular sexy nurse look that goes around on Halloween. A fitted tight uniform shirt with the top button opened can be inviting, exciting and make for an enjoyable role-playing session. 

Then, women can don on a man’s uniform to play around, asking them to come and get it and all the mischief that ensues from there. So maybe adding high heels to a military uniform can be a very “come hither” look for the ladies. 

The end goal is to look attractive and make the most of your uniform when it comes to dating, and adding small little personal touches can make the uniforms personalized and say a lot about you. So look for the latest trends, be ready to experiment a little, and everything will fall into place.

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