ScalpMED vs. Rogaine: Which Hair Loss Treatment is Better?

The statistics are staggering: 2 out of 3 men will experience male pattern baldness at some point in their lives, typically before they turn 35. We men are not alone. 50% of women will also experience noticeable hair loss as they age.

The hair loss treatment industry is enormous. However, two companies stand out amongst the crowd for offering superior quality products. ScalpMED and Rogaine are two of the most trusted brands on the market. 

Most people will recognize the name Rogaine as it has been around for a long time. This brand was founded in 1988. ScalpMED was founded in 2009. 

Both of these brands are using the only FDA-approved ingredient to fight hair loss: Minoxidil. This life-changing ingredient was found in the mid-’80s and has since helped millions worldwide suffering from hereditary hair loss. 

ScalpMED and Rogaine offer treatments for both men and women. 

Another similar brand is Keeps that focus on men products. However, for the sake of time, we will be looking at ScalpMED and Rogaine in this article to find out which brand is the best of the best.

You may not realize this, but hair loss treatments work the best when you first start showing signs of hair loss. After that, we don’t have time to lose, and it’s essential to pick the best solution for you.

Let’s jump into the review and find out the best treatment for our hair loss woes. 

What makes ScalpMED unique?

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ScalpMED is a patented hair regrowth system. This means their formula is 100% unique and cannot be found anywhere else. 

It also offer uniquely patented supplements for hair growth. This ensures that you are fighting hair loss from the inside as well as the outside. 

The patented formula uses the active ingredient Minoxidil, which is proven to work. 

In addition to the unique hair regrowth system, ScalpMED offers various other products to enhance your hair care solutions. For example, specially formulated Panthenol-DX Follicle Detoxifier cleans years of toxic buildup instantly. 

Even if ScalpMED’s name is not as recognized as Rogain’s, they have certainly solidified a solid reputation amongst significant media outlets. The brand has been featured on FOX, NBC, and the Los Angeles Times to name a few.

You don’t need to rely on the media; however, you can see the results for yourself. There are impressive before and after photos of verified results

Many oral hair loss treatments have sexual side effects. Scalp-Med is topically applied and has no sexual side effects. This is a significant relief to many men.

ScalpMED’s products are applied to wet or dry hair and are kept at least 4 hours before rinsing. It’s important to remember that this solution needs to be applied consistently to see the best results. 

The product almost seems too good to be true. Understandably, many people have doubts, but I love this brand because they offer a 120-day money-back guarantee. That puts your mind at ease when ordering. 

A ScalpMED consumer study found that 96% of customers found that ScalpMED grew their hair back. That is a pretty staggering statistic. 

What Makes Rogaine Unique?

Rogaine is probably one of the most well-known hair loss treatment product. That’s no surprise because it has been around since 1988. This is really a company that pioneered the hair loss treatment industry. 

Rogaine is available in two different formats. They have a solution formula that is applied with a 1ml dropper two times per day. They also have a foam product. The foam product is also used two times per day. 

Similar to ScalpMED, these products use Minoxidil which is a clinically proven solution to hair loss. 

Another Rogaine ingredient is Alpha-hydroxy acid which promotes natural skin exfoliation. This ingredient is intended to keep your hair follicles open. 

Rogaine is easy to use. You allow the product to absorb and air dry completely before blow-drying or styling your hair as usual. 

ScalpMED vs. Rogaine

When choosing a hair loss treatment, it’s essential to look closely at the products. In addition, it’s necessary to act quickly and not waste time or money on the wrong product. That’s why we’ve created a simple chart comparing ScalpMED and Rogaine. 





Main Product

Nutrisol®- RM,
+ 2 bottles of ScalpMED®’s Vitadil®-5A
+ PhytoComplex®
+ Detox My Scalp product


What else

  • Dailycare products

  • Scalp detoxifier

  • Supplements for Men and Women

5% MINOXIDIL UNSCENTED FOAM for women and for men, and 5% MINOXIDIL SOLUTION for men





Yes + 15% OFF after taking an easy 1 min quiz

Free for subscribtion orders. Standard shipping rate for ground shipping is $7.95


Starts from $89.95 for bundle with 4 products

Starts from $27.49

FDA approved




  • Patented and FDA approved formula 


  • Proven and studied effect

  • Highly Rated

  • Free shipping

  • Cheap

  • FDA proved ingredient


  • Need 3-4 months to see the results

  • Pricey

  • Not that many reviews of the product

  • First results in 3-6 months

ScalpMED vs. Rogaine: which is better?

At first glance, Rogaine may seem like the better solution. It’s understandable because it appears to be more affordable. 

However, ScalpMED offers a 4 step system to regrow your hair.

It’s not just one product; it’s an entire 2 months program designed to change the course of your hair loss.

In the end, looking at ScalpMED’s in-vitro studies has convinced me that this is the only hair loss treatment program. 

Our Pick
Scalpmed's Hair Regrowth Systems
from $89.95
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

With a patented formula and proven results within 3 – 4 months, we recommend ScalpMED over Rogaine. In any case, you have a money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. Good luck on your road to hair recovery. 

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