6 World’s Best Fashion Design Schools

6 World's Best Fashion Design Schools

Fashion design is an exciting but demanding career. Therefore, if you are considering joining the fashion industry, you should be doubly prepared to enter any field of fashion.

Therefore, whether designing or making clothes for sale, an education at a reputable school will positively impact and enhance your career as a fashion designer. Before we list the best fashion schools in the world, let’s look at why you might want to study at a fashion school and how our rankings were compiled.

Why study fashion?

6 World's Best Fashion Design Schools

Fashion design is a very in-demand profession. Many people strive to get to the top, but not everyone can climb the ladder of success. Therefore, to succeed in fashion design, you need to have many skills. So, if you survive in this industry, you must be “the best .”When you apply, you should contact an essay writing service to help you write a motivational letter.

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A career in fashion can provide you with many opportunities, from working as a fashion designer to being a buyer in large department stores.” Working with fashion allows you to realize your creativity and love of fashion in various ways. Whether you’re designing dresses or editing fashion trends for the next season, a career in fashion can be an exciting and exciting job.

However, talent and creativity alone are not enough; fundamental sewing and design skills are needed. Therefore, any fashion enthusiast who wants to become a fashion designer should enroll in a fashion design school, as such institutions not only educate but also prepare you for the industry, giving you the flexibility and skill set you need to stay on top of your game!

What does it take to become a fashion designer?

6 World's Best Fashion Design Schools

Many fashion designers are educated through a fashion design program at a college or university. Some attend schools that study fashion design, while others take programs at traditional colleges.

Degrees in fashion design can be obtained at the associate, bachelor’s, and master’s levels. Some schools even offer MBA programs focusing on the fashion industry’s business side.

Those who want to enroll in a fashion design program are often expected to learn basic skills before entering. For example, fashion programs may expect prospective students to present their portfolios and take design and sewing tests upon admission. Designers can learn these skills or take courses to acquire them before entering university.

Students in fashion design programs study textiles, sketching, sewing, draping, and pattern making using CAD software. They also study fashion history, trend forecasting, and the fashion business. Students can create their collection as a graduation project. Collections and other student work can be valuable to a designer’s portfolio. Designers pursuing bachelor’s and master’s degrees can focus on a specific type of design, such as children’s clothing, intimate apparel, knitwear, or sportswear.

Design students in some programs complete internships to put their skills into practice under the guidance of experienced professionals at major design houses or in fashion marketing. Sometimes you can trust the best college paper writing services if you don’t have time to do your assignments during the internship.

List of the best fashion design schools in the world

6 World's Best Fashion Design Schools

If you are interested in a career in fashion and are looking for the right schools, the choices can be devastating. Here is a list of the best clothing design schools in the world. To help you, we’ve ranked the six best fashion schools worldwide.

Central Saint Martins (London, UK)

With an enrollment of only 6%, this university’s design program is one of the most exclusive in the world. As a result, CSM, part of the University of the Arts London, is a key player in the London fashion scene, training some of the biggest names in the industry, including, on average, more than half of all designers participating in London Fashion Week.

It offers a range of undergraduate and graduates disciplinary courses in all aspects of fashion design, including specialized journalism, communication and promotion, history, and niche categories such as knitwear.

Fashion Institute of Technology (New York, USA)

A public university affiliated with the State University of New York is widely known for its design, fashion, art, communications, and business training. The school’s rigorous and adaptable academic program emphasizes experiential learning opportunities, academic and industry partnerships, and a commitment to entrepreneurship.

Study abroad opportunities for students include the International Fashion Design degree, which allows first-year students to begin their studies in Italy. In addition, Manhattan students have access to the FIT Museum, which houses a permanent collection of more than 50,000 garments and accessories from the 18th century to the present.

Parsons School of Design (New York, USA)

6 World's Best Fashion Design Schools

This school has strong ties to the global fashion industry with campuses in fashion capitals such as New York and Paris. It is a private art and design school that is often ranked among the top fashion schools in the world. In addition, the school’s location and innovative curriculum allow its students to collaborate with peers, industry partners, and communities worldwide to develop their skills and knowledge.

Industry experience is gained at the annual New York Fashion Week. In addition, at least 50% of students complete internships at companies such as Tory Burch, Coach, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Barneys. Tuition for domestic and international students can range from $20,000 to $30,000 per semester.

Kingston University (London, UK)

Founded in 1899, this is a public research university located in the suburbs of London. One of the best universities to study fashion and design, where current and former fashion design students give high marks for the overall learning experience, citing the breadth of the curriculum, extensive faculty feedback, and frequent collaboration with the industry.

Students in the School of Design can receive scholarships from Tommy Hilfiger and Zara and paid internships at Ralph Lauren and other companies. In addition, graduates have gotten jobs at brands such as Victoria Beckham and Hugo Boss.

University of Westminster (London, UK)

Those interested in a fashion course in London and choosing this university will benefit from extensive facilities dedicated to fashion and textile design, as well as the opportunity to get a job at one of the most famous fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, etc.

Westminster offers fashion degrees that emphasize the industry’s business side, offering great career prospects. It also ranks an impressive eighth in the U.K. for teaching effectiveness in fashion and textiles.

Polimoda (Florence, Italy)

Considered one of the best universities to study fashion and design. More than 2,300 students from 70 countries are based at three locations in Florence. Students have free access to local museums, art centers, and the school’s library, which houses 24,000 titles in Italian fashion.

Students receive mentoring in their fourth year, as the board is involved in reviewing alum collections and offering programs that provide support, funding, and industry exposure for future talent. The alum network spans hundreds of companies, and recruiters include such brands as Gucci, Vivienne Westwood, and Salvatore Ferragamo.


In conclusion, clothing design is a fascinating but challenging career. Therefore, if you are considering joining the fashion industry, you must be well prepared to enter any field of fashion. So whether it’s on the design or commercial side, an education at a reputable school will be very beneficial.

We have carefully compiled a list of the best clothing design schools in the world to help you on your way.

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