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K Beauty Inspired! Joah Beauty Review and Impressions

K Beauty Inspired! Joah Beauty Review and Impressions

Korean beauty is a huge trend right now. And for a good reason!

Korean women are known for their impeccable makeup and glass-like skin.

People all around the world try to mimic this look. But sometimes, Western products don’t cut it. So, people turn to K-beauty brands

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But Korean brands aren’t very accessible for those of us in America.

And when you do find a K-beauty brand you like, it’s usually pricey because of the import fees, which come from Asia.

This review is for you if you want to try out Korean-inspired beauty products without spending a fortune.

Today, we’re talking about JOAH.

K-beauty inspires this vegan, cruelty-free brand. The best part is that they’re very affordable.

Read on to see what we think of this beauty brand.

About JOAH

K Beauty Inspired! Joah Beauty Review and Impressions

JOAH is a makeup brand and subsidiary of the famous beauty label KISS. It provides safe, cruelty-free makeup to help women look effortlessly beautiful.

This Korean-American brand is inspired by all things K-beauty.

Although most of their flagship goods are makeup products, everything is designed with skincare. That means all the formulas are suitable for the skin.

They’re also cruelty-free – a massive plus for conscious buyers!

In Korean, the word Joah means I like it. That’s how they intend to make their audience feel—like they love everything about the brand.

It’s socially conscious, skin-friendly, vegan, and very affordable.

JOAH has been voted better than the most popular prestige brands. That means you get high-end make-up for almost half the price.

It’s the ultimate beauty lifehack if you’ve been dying to try Korean-inspired makeup!

The brand has been featured on fan-fave websites like BuzzFeed and PopSugar.

It has a solid fanbase with over 80k Instagram followers and 135k TikTok followers.

Give their social media accounts a follow to stay updated on all things JOAH.

Ordering from JOAH

K Beauty Inspired! Joah Beauty Review and Impressions

There’s a wide selection of makeup products on the JOAH website.

They carry eye shadows, mascaras, lipsticks, foundations, brow products, blushes, and more.

And in true Korean fashion, they also have a few skincare products.

Their shades are versatile and inclusive, so there’s something for everyone. You’ll find darker shades for the foundations, blushes, and glosses with flattering colors for paler skin tones.

You can also check their shade finder if you don’t know which one suits you best.

Every purchase on the JOAH website gets you free samples to try their other products. You also get free shipping for orders above $15 and a 30-day window for returns.

They also have an app for easy, on-the-go shopping.

JOAH Bestsellers Review

JOAH Lash UPrising Mascara

K Beauty Inspired! Joah Beauty Review and Impressions

This high-impact, washable mascara comes with a volume-boosting brush. It coats every lash with its highly conditioning formula, leaving you with long, thick, lifted lashes.

It’s formulated with JOAH’s Balloon Air Powder Complex, giving your lashes a weightless feel all day. It also allows you to pack on the mascara in layers for a bolder look without the heaviness and clumping.

  • What customers like about it
  • Stays on all day but is easily washed off with water
  • Doesn’t clump on the lashes

JOAH Instant Prime Activator

K Beauty Inspired! Joah Beauty Review and Impressions

This primer doubles as a hydrating skincare product and a base for your makeup. It’s infused with blue-green algae and hyaluronic acid to hydrate and smoothen the skin. It also leaves the complexion extra glowy and radiant.

And while you can wear this alone, this lightweight primer preps the skin for foundation. Wait a few minutes between your primer and foundation application. Your makeup will look bright and flawless with this underneath!

  • What customers like about it
  • Leaves the skin smooth and soft
  • Diminishes redness
  • Makes the foundation apply more evenly afterwards
  • Never thick or sticky

JOAH Make Her Gel-ous Gel Eyeliner

K Beauty Inspired! Joah Beauty Review and Impressions

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A big fan of the winged liner look? This pencil liner will be your new best friend. It provides deep, intense, pigmented color that glides smoothly across your lid. It also has a built-in sharpener to ensure you get that crisp, precise line every time. 

The formula is soft and gel-like, so it doesn’t tug on your eyelids. As a result, you can effortlessly create anything from a bold wing to a simple tight line.

  • What customers like about it
  • Goes on very smooth
  • Stays in place all day; doesn’t smudge 
  • Doesn’t tug on your skin when lining the eyes

JOAH Glassify Lip Gloss

K Beauty Inspired! Joah Beauty Review and Impressions

Some lip glosses give you a nice shine but leave your lips feeling dry and chapped when you wipe them off. This lip gloss never does that. 

It’s ultra-glossy and luminous and infused with ingredients to hydrate your lips. These include vitamin E and avocado oil for nourished, plump lips even after you wipe your gloss off.

You can wear this lip gloss alone or over your fave lipstick. No matter how often you reapply throughout the day, it won’t feel sticky.

The gloss is available in nine pastel shades and a translucent tone.

  • What customers like about it
  • Smooth and lightweight, never sticky
  • Easy, buttery application

JOAH Pros and Cons


  • Award-winning formulas
  • Cute and fun packaging
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Affordable prices
  • Free samples with each purchase
  • Free shipping for orders over $15
  • 30-day return policy
  • 22% off for the new customers with promo code “welcomejoah
  • Has an app for easier shopping


  • Some of the products could use more shade options

JOAH vs Sally’s Beauty vs Elizabeth Arden

So, how does JOAH fare against its top beauty competitors? Here are a few things we noticed about how it compares with Sally Beauty and Elizabeth Arden.



Sally's Beauty

Elizabeth Arden




Eye shadows, Mascaras, Lip glosses, Lipsticks, Primers, Foundations, Blushes, Bronzers, Powders, Brow products,

Skin Care and more.

Eye makeup products, Eyelashes, Products for lips, Products for face, Tools ans Brushes

Makeup products for eyes, lips and face, Skin Care products



Depends on a product


Cruelty free




Free shipping

Yes, for orders above $15

Yes, for orders above $35

Free for all the orders


30 days return window

Return window depends on the product

30 days return window


from $3 to $49.99

from $5 to $150

from $21.50 to $55

First, JOAH is vegan and cruelty-free, while Elizabeth Arden is not.

Second, Sally Beauty has some vegan products, but it’s not universal in their line-up of products.

Speaking of Sally Beauty, this beauty retailer may have some makeup and skincare. But at the end of the day, their expertise is in hair care.

So JOAH might be the better option if you want to shop for makeup.

JOAH Customer Reviews

Like most makeup brands, you’ll find tons of reviews for JOAH on sites like Influenster. People also rave about them on YouTube. 

Morgan of The Beauty Breakdown is half-Korean, and she approves of the brand! She says she’s tried lots of their products and is very happy with them. 

The products are comfortable to wear and have a unique formula,”

She says in her video.

She’s happy that the brand has many things she cares about, like beautiful packaging, excellent quality, and cruelty-free production.

Another review is from beauty influencer Saaammage.

She loved the JOAH foundation she tried, saying the coverage stays quite well on the skin.

It’s smooth, looks healthy, [and] looks natural,

she commented.

Is JOAH worth it?

Yes, JOAH is worth trying. You get to experience the magic of Korean beauty without spending too much money. In addition, they have a wide range of Korean-inspired products, which are all cruelty-free.

Don’t forget about 22% of discount for the new customers with promo code “welcomejoah

Who says you have to splurge to experience Korean beauty for yourself? Try out Korean-inspired JOAH’s makeup products to achieve that gorgeous K-drama look today!

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